Monday, May 5, 2008



Amy was in bed sick when I got home last Friday but I was so excited I just had to wake her.

We had just celebrated or 4th birthday party at work and had taken over a Restaurant in Greenwich. Loads of people dropped out of the meal at the last minute but we still had to pay for their places - $100 a head. Yikes. What a waste!

Well it wasn’t really a waste!!!! The head waiter said I could take home the ‘invisible people’s’ food, what would I like? Hmmmm I didn’t have to think long about this. I ordered the steak. And quick as a flash I had a carrier bag filled with cow swinging from my handlebars as I speed home to show Amy.

Happy birthday ?WhatIf! xx

The steak is now sliced and diced and tucked away in the freezer and bits shall be defrosted from time to time to break up the vegetarian diet that I seem to have found myself in.

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