Thursday, May 8, 2008

The wobbles


Amy is not a happy bunny.
Amy does not want to be thirty one and living at home.
Amy is regretting agreeing to Operation Night Brace.

Gareth does not know what to do.
Gareth is hoping it will pass.
Gareth is crossing his fingers.


Steve said...

One thing to be careful about... don't become subsumed in the 'operation'. remember that you have a relationship outside of what you're doing - and one that has to survive beyond the end point of the scheme. If everything you do is about saving cash then you're not living life - you're performance art. And remember - it's easier to be performance art when it's not YOUR mom next door. Chin up - and go do something special (I'll even buy the tickets - 100% genuinely, you find, I'll book)

ian said...

Guys remember to have so fun too. You guys are such a young couple and look so happy. Don't let a fantastic blog ruin it all. And although this experiment makes for very addictive reading, no one will hold it against you if you take a break from it or bail altogether. You're doing this by choice. You have a choice.
Lots of Love.