Friday, May 23, 2008


One of the things that i'm missing most in this new highly budgeted life is the ability to be spontaneous.

We are still doing lots of fun things but they have to be planned to make sure we get the best deal. Take for example going to the cinema. We brought our tickets yesterday for the new Indiana Jones movie. $6 each as long as we see the 10am screening next Saturday. That is 7 days away.

In the old days we would just say stuff like: "Shall we go and see a movie tonight?", "Let's jump in a cab", "I don't feel like cooking let's go for Mexican" etc but now we plan our movie outings weeks in advance, we catch public transport everywhere and we always try and cook for ourselves.

It isn't that bad but i do find myself yearning for the day when i can say: "Fuck it - let's go and do XXXXXXXXXXX" without worrying about blowing or daily allowance.

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