Monday, April 21, 2008

10 blocks for a box

I walked 10 blocks to pick out his first FREE birthday present: a handful of my eyelashes plucked in the reflection of my blush mirror. My plan was to give him 31 eyelashes for 31 wishes on his 31st birthday; well, to be honest, I really only plucked 5 in fear of permanent damage or unleashing the Alopecia(n) gods. I asked my 5-year-old niece to contribute (She’s young they’ll grown back) -- giving him 6 whole chances to wish he had found a woman without debt ;)

I walked by Plastic Land and considering I’ve spent the bulk of my income there for many years they gave me a FREE .6” by .6” plexi glass box to hold my eyelashes, saving all of 41 cents… woo hoo for Amy! And I thought living on a budget was going to be hard.

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