Monday, April 21, 2008

An Elf in NY

Hmmmm babysitting! Rachel at work made a semi-joking suggestion of doing some babysitting for her fiancée’s friends. $50 a night seems to be the going rate! I’m seriously considering it. I used to work as an elf in Lapland (I’m not joking I did) and I can honestly say there are very few babysitters with that on their CV living in New York City. Getting paid to watch telly and raid someone’s fridge sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Told Amy. She once ate a whole pound cake while babysitting – the mum came home and said: ‘Where’s my pound cake?’ Amy said: ‘I ate it’. Amy was not invited back.
When I get settled at Amy’s mum’s I’m going to look at this babysitting caper in more detail. $50 is almost two days allowance!

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