Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beaches (1988)


In High School I used to wonder what all the 'superstars' in New York did with their extra money: of course after they'd bought their houses, small islands, donated to a local charity of choice etc; there must have been loads left over!

I wanted just a fraction of that 'left over' money. I wanted to use it for College and Art, two completely worthwhile causes. I thought if I could just get in touch with one of them, they’d hear my plea and understand I was serious about using their money to better myself; an amount insignificant to them could ultimately change my life!

My target: Bette Midler. I believed she had the emotional capacity to sympathize with my case. She also seemed quite motherly and passionate; if anyone would understand she would!

I tried to get in touch with her agent – but I knew they wouldn’t let me talk to her AND I certainly couldn’t pitch my idea to an agent; they would never understand! I had to get in front of Bette somehow. I waited for a sighting in NY for a year and a half, during which I drafted and re-drafted the most heart felt and compelling letter I could. My letter was never posted, I never spotted her in New York and I eventually I gave up on Bette and her extra cash.

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KurstyK said...

Don't give up on Bette!