Monday, April 21, 2008

Eau du Amy


Today I went to the Apple Store to see if I could get a replacement iPhone for the one I carelessly dropped in the street last week. My screen cracked like an egg and I’ve already replaced my phone once before. This was going to be tricky. I did my hair and make-up and most importantly I didn’t use deodorant! You might think that cleavage or giggling is the way to go but I’m telling you, there is nothing more powerful then pheromones in Spring. At first the guy behind the desk said “It’ll be $250 for the replacement.” That’s when I leaned over and let him get a whiff, no cleavage no flirting JUST good old-fashioned pheromones. He then smiled and said “Since it was in a case…I’ll replace it for free.” Woo-hoo it worked!

Oh what a relief, $250 can be a very powerful set back – especially when your trying to spend only $25 a day – that’s 10 days!

Perhaps writing this is a bad idea but it was legit – my phone was in it’s condom when it shattered and it’s just plain unrealistic to think that you are never going to drop your phone; phones drop and get kicked around just like anything else so maybe apple should rethink using glass on the next generation.

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Hannah said...

Guys - you have written 45 posts in one day! Clearly writing the blog is providing you with some free entertainment! Shall I give you the password to my blog and you can write some for me!

Good luck with the project - I already think this looks like it would make a good book! Get an agent!