Monday, April 28, 2008

Believe in your own product


With money an endangered animal in my life eating at one of the $4.50 Chinese restaurants is looking like an actually treat. I have always avoided such places because I am worried where they get their meat from to be able to offer such low prices.

Now I have an even better reason to avoid them no matter how desperate I become.

Tonight I walked passed one and looked in the window. What I saw was worse than a cockroaches crawling up the wall.

The restaurant staff were sitting round eating McDonalds. Shock! Horror! How bad must the food be for the staff to go out and spend their own money on McDonalds rather than eating the stuff they have prepared themselves??????

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Miss H: said...

Which restaurant was this? I am going to NY in February and would rather not dine there.

P.s. I am finding your blog highly entertaining.