Monday, April 21, 2008

Trolley pusher

Life in NYC is hard for a lot of people. I often see very elderly Chinese people pushing big trolleys of empty cans and bottles all around – rummaging in bins to look for stuff to add to their mobile collection.

There is a vending machine behind Key Foods in the East Village where you can recycle these cans and bottles and get 5c per item.

If times get really tough we can always go through people’s bins looking for cans to recycle – we’ll be saving the planet and paying off the loans. Dear Lord I hope it doesn’t come to that. I’m not sure how good I’ll look pushing a trolley of tin cans around the city. It’s not really the Big Apple experience I was after when I moved her.

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Steve said...

Or you could just mug the elderly as they get to the machine... tell them that they got confused if they threaten you with the police...

Better still you could load their cans into the machine for them - for a service fee. It would help them out (they always seem to be bent double) and it would be a boon to the finances.

I'm getting in to this