Wednesday, April 23, 2008


April 23, 2008 (But really more like April 15, 2008)

(I wrote this entry weeks ago but didn’t post it because I’m shy)

Gareth once asked me “How do all those old couples you see on the street holding hands make it?” To which I simply responded “Courage.” But, ultimately, I'm not really sure how they 'make it'. Maybe they last because they just really like each other, maybe they can't imagine a life apart, or maybe they're tied together by debt.. (just kidding Gareth ;)

Someone told me once that the true test of love was: if you were both standing on a cliff and someone had to jump who would you choose? My answer then was, "Couldn’t we just both give a leg, a leg and an arm, two arms and a leg? Can't I haggle my way out of this?”

More recently, I've realized that I don’t have any definitions for love. I’d like to think that love has many ever-evolving definitions never to be pinned down. I fall in love with Gareth everyday, and whatever the test may be, when it comes time to jump, I'd like to think we'd go hand-in-hand.

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