Monday, April 21, 2008

30 cents per guided tour


My Sister and Sasha (my brother-in-law) have flown over for my birthday – yippppeeee!!!

They had a whole suitcase full of goodies for me – tea bags, crumpets, baked beans, HP sauce, the list goes on and on. Delicious treats that we shall we rationing out over the next few months.

Invested in two useful things today in preparation for the May 1st move in and the official start of OPERATION NIGHT BRACE!

The first item was two pill boxes – his and hers. Each ones goes from Monday to Sunday and I’m planning to put our daily allowance behind each door each week. It is a kind of financial advent calendar. (Amy now knows what an advent calendar is after I made her own one last Xmas. I lovingly filled 24 boxes with candy and messages and she opened them all in one go on December 1st!!!! She had never had one before).

The second item was a set of 50 walking tours of New York cards. They come with loads of quirky facts and cost $15. That’s 30 cents a tour – bargain. If we did two a week for the six months at Amy’s Mum’s we would still have 18 left to do after OPERATION NIGHT BRACE is complete.

We went to a lot of shops today. Apart from the above I didn’t buy anything. I am training myself to savor window shopping rather than actual shopping. It’s a good discipline as I did used to spend a lot of money on shit – looking round my room it is hard to believe that I turned up in NY with just two suitcases! Did I really need to buy the Plasma Sperm Microscope in Japan? It is a microscope for checking your sperm count. Sooooo Japanese (It’s still in it’s wrapper you will be pleased to hear).

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Steve said...

you've not considered shop lifting then? It's better than window shopping because you leave with stuff and it's cheaper and more thrilling than regular shopping. It's something that I recommend to all couples on a budget!

(PS don't do it, you don't want to get stuck for bail)