Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Barely Daily

April 23.5, 2008

About 3 years ago I developed astigmatism in my right eye from improperly fit contact lenses. I was so mad that I spent the next 6 months interviewing doctors and learning as much as I could about my eyes, now i know I should have sued! I eventually had my contacts refit, but with the astigmatism they doubled in price. Unfortunately, glasses give me headaches. So today I called my new and improved eye doctor and asked him "What, really, is the difference between Daily’s and Weekly’s?" He said “To tell you the truth Amy, nothing…they’re practically the same.” What a plan! I've now ordered 3 months of Daily’s and I will wear them as Weekly's - less then half the price for triple the amount! Who-hoo!

(NOTE: I am not a doctor and at the moment I have white gunk pouring out of my right eye)

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