Wednesday, April 23, 2008



I had one of my best friends from London come and stay this weekend. Chris will be the last person to stay with me until the end of Operation Night Brace.

On Saturday morning I awoke to the sound of a giant hamster next door – there was lots and lots of rustling sounds coming from the living room. When I stepped out my room I saw a mountain of Calvin Klein underwear boxes and Century 21 bags - Chris had been busy trying to single-handedly keep the American economy limping along. The strength of the GDP makes everything a steal over here. If only I was being paid in Sterling!!!

We had a great time but it was quite a funny few days – I wasn’t spending any money and Chris wasn’t eating anything. He is on quite an extreme diet called Lighter Life where he basically lives off water and mineral packs for 4 months (he is literally a third of the man I used to know and looks a handsome 10 years younger).

Every time I ate in front of Chris I felt guilty.

Every time he spent money in front of me he felt guilty.

All this guilt.

Thank goodness the Pope was in town for his first ever visit to America.

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