Friday, April 25, 2008

Should have stayed in bed


Yesterday my entire budget for the day today went before 9am. Bollocks.

Amy phoned me at 5:30 saying her eyes were painful so I jumped in a cab ($18)and headed over to her Mum’s (I move in this weekend for the official start of Operation Night Brace is May 1st). Nurse Gareth did as best a job as he could to comfort her before jumping on the subway to get to work ($2) but as I reached work my hellish hayfever kicked in and I had to make a diversion to the chemist to buy some drugs ($5).

$25 gone and the day hadn’t even begun.

I should have stayed in bed.


Gareth & Amy said...

How depressing :(

Dr Jude said...

me too (about the hayfever), but i didn't buy drugs. it came around 6 days ago, and has suddenly gone again. good riddance, i say