Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Net Worth


Today I did nothing = today I spent nothing. In New York there are few chances to do absolutely nothing; mainly because this city has an electric buzz that never quiets down. This city is relentless and keeps everyone out and about, on the street, spending cash. I have a hard time sitting still as it is, but today I’ve decided to shut it all down and reflect. I spent the entire day on Gareth’s and my new raft: the air mattress.

During my decompression, I started to wonder how severe the penalties would be if I pulled out of my 401(k). I figured there MUST be some sort of reprieve from the IRS: if you’re going give the government all your f**king money, in some form or another, they should cut you some slack! Turns out this is NOT the way to go, even if it is to pay off your student debt. Don’t do it: taking money out of a 401(k) before retirement is expensive and stupid.

I then added up my assets: not a house or a car just some jewelry from x’s, the $4,000 projector I bought last year (that makes Gareth nauseous), and two real, not Chinese, human skulls. Which, I might add, are very rare and in excellent condition – they have almost all of their original teeth! My net worth totaled $11,600. Woo-hoo! Gareth says it’s a false economy because I’ll always want two human skulls and an HD projector, so I’ll just hock the old jewelry and I won’t be sending this blog to any x’s :)

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