Monday, April 21, 2008

It has a name!!!!


We have come up with a name for our challenge – just talking about THE DEBT or THE LOAN can be quite depressing. We wanted to make it fun and settled on the name OPERATION NIGHT BRACE (hence the name of the blog). It is based on the fact that when Amy was a kid she had to wear a night brace. She wanted her teeth to be straightened as quickly as possible so she would wear her night brace to school – super cute. It’s exactly what we are doing here with the debt – we need to fix it as fast as possible ($9 a day in interest folks). If given a choice no-one in their right mind would run three miles in a race if they could get away with running just two.

OPERATION NIGHT BRACE wasn’t my first choice for a name. My Dad and I had established a code word for it STINKY FEET when I rang him for advice. But STINKY FEET isn’t very inspiring! It comes from my Grandad who would always say ‘I bet she has stinky feet’ whenever he saw a good looking one – basically what he was trying to say was that no-ones perfect and you know what? No-one is.

Giving something a bit painful a fun name definitely makes talking about it easier.

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