Monday, April 21, 2008

Dummy run

We did a dummy run last night for Operation Night Brace. I stayed over in the back room and it was great. This is the first time I have ever stayed at Amy’s. She had to be the ‘tea bitch’ this morning – normally I am the ‘coffee bitch’ when Amy stays at mine. This basically means that she says: “Make the coffee bitch” when she wakes up which I duly do.

Our new bedroom is filled with mirrors so it is a bit like being in a Bruce Lee movie. Amy brought us a window pen for writing messages to one another on the mirrors – it currently has “You are a giant in my life” written in big letters across it as Amy said last night that she was feeling ‘small’ ☹

As long as we are tidy the backroom will be more than alright for 6 months.

We are off for an explore of the area in a few minutes before meeting Hannah and Sasha for lunch. It is their last day here so we are off to Jean Gorges which should be great.

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