Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coffee Barter


Turns out I spend quite a bit on coffee everyday, so I tried to convince my boss to purchase a coffee machine for our office. Go figure, I’m the only one in our office that drinks coffee, damn it! Coffee is one of my favorite pleasures in the morning and I just can’t see myself cutting it out. So, instead I came up with a righteous business plan to pitch to my local coffee vender. My old coffee man, Jason, was so cool I used to climb into his truck in the cold of winter and listen to all of his wild gambling adventures; it was like having coffee with an old (crazy) friend. I’m assuming he hit it big ‘cause one day he packed up, left my corner and I haven’t seen him since. (Well, he either hit it big or hit a cell hard…that I’ll never know, but I’d like to think the former.)

Of course Jason couldn’t charge me, we were friends, he’d just refill my cup and enjoy the conversation. His replacement, I’ll call him ‘what’s his face’, is a lot stiffer and grumpier, he drives a hummer for fucks sake! I thought that if I could guarantee him a weekly income, 1 coffee per day everyday for the next 6 months, AND only use my thermos instead of his paper cups he might be willing to drop his price a bit. I argued that it was better for the environment AND he’d save loads of money on cups! We haggled for a while and then mutually agreed on $5 a week instead of his asking price $7. In savings that’s $2 a week or $48.00 over the next 6 months for me! For him it’s 5 paper cups a week or 120 paper cups for the next 6 months – it is a good deal for both parties and the earth.

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