Monday, April 28, 2008

Cycling in the rain (with very little singing)

Today was the first day I cycled from my new home to work.

86th Street to Tribeca is quite a trek - 5.22 miles according to and it feels even longer when it is raining and boy did it rain this morning. It was so bad in fact I actually started thinking that those sunglasses with motorised windscreen wipers were a good idea.

I got to work dripping wet and regretted not bringing any spare clothes with me. I had to improvise. I took my trousers off, stuffed kitchen towel in my shoes and wrapped myself in a lovely green blanket. To save time I did all this during a team meeting. Needless to say removing your trousers is not something you can do subtly especially not when you have 8 of your colleagues saying: "What the fuck are you doing Gareth?".

It is now lunchtime at work, it has stopped raining, I’ve almost dried out and so far I have spent $0 after a delicious lunch of leftovers and not having to cough up $2 for the subway. Happy days.

Only 4 hours until I get to cycle back. Wish me luck.

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