Monday, April 21, 2008

Make-Up bags, hospitals and broken phones

Bit of a bumpy start to the weekend. Amy broke her phone last night. She dropped it and the screen shattered. Lots of tears. $500 for a new phone is not something we had budgeted for! She also woke up to find her make-up bag missing (Lots of tears), a close friend was in hospital (Lots of tears), and worst of all – a spot on the end of her nose (lots and lots of tears).

There wasn’t much we could do about the iPhone. But we could try and do something about the rest. We jumped in a cab and headed up to 23rd Street to the last place Amy could remember having her make-up bag and there it was sitting on reception (God bless you cleaning lady for your honesty). We then jumped back into a cab and went to the hospital to see Michael. The room he was in smelled awful but that was soon fixed with a $1 bag of microwave popcorn I brought from a vending machine and popped in the cafeteria. Michael is under strict instruction to sniff the popcorn bag when the smell gets too much. Fingers crossed it is just a wobble and nothing more serious.

Considering how much hospital stays cost in America the rooms are shit!!!! Where are the Tempura-Pedic pillows, the fresh cut flowers, the extensive wine list with the gourmet hospital meals and where is the 42inch plasma TV?

Now Amy has her make-up bag back she is going to ‘make herself real pretty’ and go into the Apple store on Monday and flirt shamelessly with the staff – trying to get a sympathetic ear on a busy weekend is pretty unlikely.

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