Monday, April 21, 2008

A crazy concert and a crazy plan

A plan emerged tonight. It is kind of crazy but it might just work.

We were at the Williamsburg Music Hall watching the insane Peelander-Z put on a show like no other I have seen (well worth checking them out). I’m not sure exactly where the plan came from but it quickly snowballed while we watched five Japanese guys leaping around a stage dressed as cartoon characters and singing punk rock songs.

It’s a pretty simple plan where we will be able to save loads together and live together which is something we have been talking about doing for ages (‘ages’ as in two of the five months we have been dating). So far so good. But there is a catch and that catch is that we’ll be living in amy’s mum’s back room! Yikes.

As we left the venue with our ears ringing it really did seem like a great idea (and we weren’t that drunk) but the big question is: Will Amy’s mum go for it?

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