Monday, April 21, 2008

David & Goliath

Gareth and I will now be living in the house I grew up in with my mother and little sis, this will be a true test of love. My mother has graciously agreed to let us move into her back room, the room my grandfather died in a little over a year ago, Oy. (That’s Jewish for… well, Oy)

I’ve already scrubbed out all the urine stains, scoured the shower floor (covered in water bugs) and cleared out the closet. Living in New York has taught me you can always make the most unpleasant and cramped of spaces cosy and wonderful with just a little love and elbow grease. BUILD UP NOT OUT! Just make sure that less then 100 pounds of stuff isn’t above your side of the bed!

Gareth and I will have to navigate around the 4” of space I’ve left surrounding the air mattress I bought. It’s far too large for the space, a double, if you can imagine. This should make for a nice challenge considering the man I have fallen in love with is a 6’2” Goliath, luckily I’m more David than Goliath (only in size of course ;)

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